A Guide Through the Grieving Process

When a loved one dies, kids continue to need long-term care and support. Rainbow Connections is a 12-issue newsletter for kids 12 and under that combines general information about loss and grief with proven tips and coping strategies. We hope you will find this information helpful throughout your grieving process. Inside you will find suggestions and information that validate your feelings and normalize many of the reactions you may experience. Each issue includes recommended books and a suggested activity.

Sharing how you are feeling can help and we are here for you. Learn more about grief services we provide for kids, or call us anytime at (970) 245-5377.

Issue One

After Death

Issue Two

What is Grief?

Issue Three


Issue Four

Sadness in Grief

Issue Five

Anger in Grief

Issue Six

Guilt in Grief

Issue Seven

Problems in Grief

Issue Eight

What Kids Need

Issue Nine

Communication & Grief

Issue Ten

Family Changes After Death

Issue Eleven

Anniversaries & Grief

Holiday Issue

Holidays & Grief