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Grief Support

Grief is a natural, necessary and highly personal experience unique to everyone. While grief does not follow a timetable, it does ease over time. Facing grief and working through it, can result in newfound peace, strength and purpose.

HopeWest offers an array of support groups where you can learn how to cope with grief and connect with others who share a common bond. We also offer 13 months of bereavement support to the family after the death of their loved who received hospice care. This includes phone calls, personal visits from bereavement volunteers and subscription to a series of newsletters aimed at helping people work through the grief process. We also offer grief support services that are open to anyone in the community dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Grief’s Journey

When a loved one dies, families continue to need long-term care and support. Grief’s Journey is a 12-issue newsletter that combines general information about loss and grief with proven tips and coping strategies. We hope you will find this information helpful throughout your grieving process.

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