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A Guide Through the Grieving Process

When a loved one dies, families continue to need long-term care and support. Grief’s Journey is a 12-issue newsletter that combines general information about loss and grief with proven tips and coping strategies. We hope you will find this information helpful throughout your grieving process. Grief’s Journey may ask you to challenge societal myths or time honored expectations about grief as you integrate the grief into a healing place.  Inside you will find suggestions and information that validate your feelings and normalize many of the reactions you may experience.  

Sharing how you are feeling can help and we are here for you.
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Issue One

  • Grief – A Normal and Natural Response to Loss
  • Understanding Grief
  • Coping with Grief
  • Parent’s Corner: Talking to Children about Death
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Issue Two

  • A Path Through Grief
  • The Seasons of Grief
  • Parent’s Corner: A Child’s Path Through Grief
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Issue Three

  • Three Operations of Mourning
  • The Six Processes of Mourning
  • Parent’s Corner: The Grief Process in Children
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Issue Four

Issue Five

  • Habits and Patterns
  • Rediscovering Yourself
  • Parent’s Corner: When Children Need Professional Help
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Issue Six

  • How Long Does It Last?
  • Parent’s Corner: How Children View Death
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Issue Seven

  • Depression – There is a Way Out
  • Moving Beyond Guilt
  • Handling Explosive Emotions
  • Parent’s Corner: Dealing with Teens Who are Grieving
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Issue Eight

  • Grief and Health: The Role of Emotions
  • Tips for Managing Intense Feelings
  • Parent’s Corner: Children and Emotions
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Issue Nine

  • How Do You Know When You’re Getting Better?
  • Ideas for Measuring Progress
  • The Lighter Side of Bereavement
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Issue Ten

  • Hope is an Open Door
  • Religious Faith: A Help or Hazard?
  • Parent’s Corner: Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem
  • Loss History May Impact Our Recovery
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Issue Eleven

  • Typical Anniversary Reactions
  • Structuring of Celebrations, Anniversaries and Holidays
  • Parent’s Corner: Anniversaries and Memory Building
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Holiday Issue

  • Getting Through Holidays
  • Personal Ceremonies for the Holidays
  • Parent’s Corner: Children and Grief at the Holidays
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Grief’s Journey
Editor:  Kay Cogswell, LCSW
Contributions by:
Kay Cogswell, LCSW  •  River Malcom, MFCC  •  Dorris Kingsbury, MFCC  •  Barbara Smith, MFCC  •  Scott Johnson, MA  •  Kathi Olsen, MA  •  Susan Parker-Overstreet
In gratitude for support from Saint Francis Hospice, Tulsa, OK
Hospice of North Coast  •  Hope Bereavement Center
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