Notes from Grateful Families

“HopeWest is such an amazing organization filled with the most compassionate and caring individuals we have ever seen. Please know that everything you did for our loved one is greatly appreciated. Our family and the community is so very lucky to have all of you!”

“I have tried and tried to come up with the right words to express how grateful I am and all I could come up with is a resounding heartfelt ‘thank you.’ May God bless you in your compassionate work.”

“Your kindness, comfort and hard work will never be forgotten. You are all truly angels of mercy and there is a special place in heaven for all of you. Thank you.”

“I am sure you have touched many lives in the work you do and our family feels so blessed that you were a part of our lives. Thank you for your loving care and kindness.

“Thank you from my whole heart, body and soul. Your staff and all of the volunteers here are wonderful. Our family was so appreciative of your hospitality and empathy. We are going through the hardest thing we’ve been through but your service has made a tremendous impact.”

“No request, no matter how trivial, went unfilled. You are the best! And I will sing your praises to the world. All are blessed whose lives you touch.”