Building resumes and expanding professional networks are some of the assumed benefits of being part of a nonprofit board of directors, but what often surprises members of the HopeWest NextGen Board is the satisfaction they find in bringing our community together for a distinct purpose.

“Being able to collaborate with like-minded professionals toward a common goal is motivating,” said Erin Blue, NextGen Board Member. “Learning more about HopeWest through my board membership keeps me on my toes and engaged with others in a way I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.” 

As a community-built nonprofit hospice, palliative care and grief support program, HopeWest has experienced much growth since its inception in 1993. This is accomplished through the dedication of the Board or Directors, Foundation Board and the support of the community – not to mention NextGen and its specific purpose.

“The HopeWest NextGen board is designed to inspire and teach leadership, philanthropy and civic engagement for our next generation,” said Deb Horwitz, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at HopeWest. “And it’s the generosity of the community that defines HopeWest.”

While serving on the board, members learn about the many programs at HopeWest made possible only through philanthropy such as HopeWest Kids and Living with Cancer program. NextGen is also the governing board who leads the fundraising event, Spoons Under the Moon, to benefit HopeWest Kids that raised $63,000 in 2018.

“NextGen are true ambassadors of the organization,” said Horwitz. “Their enthusiasm and sense of commitment to HopeWest is both exciting and inspiring.”

Erin believes that contributing time to this nonprofit organization brings a sense of pride and a legacy in which she will return to her community, family and friends.

“Over time, I came to understand the mission of HopeWest and how it was affecting lives in my community – people I actually knew,” said Blue. “I intend to stay in Grand Junction for the rest of my life. I’m trying to do my part to help keep HopeWest viable so when I am in need, it will be there for me and my family.”