Our passionate community of volunteers often go above and beyond for our patients. Just like HopeWest Delta County volunteer, Dave Armlovich.

Since early 2019, Dave has been providing companionship and respite to many of our HopeWest patients. Recently, he was assigned to hospice patient Paul. During their first visit, it didn’t take long for Dave and Paul to find out that they had a lot in common. Not only did they both work for the same agency, but they shared many of the same friends and co-workers. Which gave Dave a wonderful idea: what if he created a collection of video greetings for Paul, made up from all their shared connections?

This unique gift took four weeks and seventeen hours to complete but when he did, it touched Paul deeply. “He really enjoyed it, and it brought a tear to my eye watching him watch it,” said Dave. Not only was Paul able to see long-lost friends, but also locations that he had not seen for many years. This unique gift was not only cherished by Paul but his entire family.

It’s volunteers like Dave, who exemplify our mission and values: through creativity, volunteerism, and philanthropy, we profoundly change the experiences of aging, illness, and grief – one family at a time.

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Whatever challenges you face with aging, serious illness, or grief, our team at HopeWest is here to help.

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