Volunteering Changes the World — One Creative Project at a Time

In 2002, after the death of his partner, Montrose volunteer Ron knew that he wanted to get involved. “Hospice helped us so much and what they did for my partner and me – well, let’s just say it’s an honor for me to now give back to others.”

For the last eight years, Ron has donated an average of 500 hours – each year, through our Heirlooms store, our annual fundraising events, and as a patient care volunteer.

At Heirlooms, Ron is hailed as a “creative genius” who can create something from literally nothing. His belt chairs are often revered by shoppers as works of art. “At Heirlooms, we receive many donations of old belts. I had the idea to use them to upcycle our chairs,” he said.

By using the old belts on the backs and seats of the chairs, Ron created a unique and decorative gift for the store. “They’re so popular and so fun to do! I really enjoy seeing the customers react to them while shopping.”

When Ron is not volunteering at Heirlooms, he donates his time to the many programs and services we have throughout the organization, “I love that HopeWest allows me to use my creativity to give back. I love volunteering for HopeWest! I love giving back in honor of all that hospice has done for me and my partner, and what they continue to do for this amazing community!”

Interested in volunteering at HopeWest or Heirlooms?