Executive Chef Martin Marez has joined Spoons bistro & bakery, leading the culinary team, bringing with him a love of food, an abundance of experience, and passion for the HopeWest mission.

Discovering his love for food at a young age, Marez worked in high-end restaurants across the western United States. Marez went from serving as an apprentice chef in Phoenix, Arizona, to cooking in the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Along the way he has collected a vast array of unique experiences and is excited to share with the culinary team at Spoons, as well as the patrons.

“Spoons has a very fresh, positive and energetic menu, atmosphere and service,” stated Marez. “I really enjoy the variety of dishes we offer at Spoons. Some of my favorite dishes to make are the vegetarian and gluten free options. I love that we are able to cater to people’s dietary needs.”

The freedom to be inventive in the kitchen is something Marez really looks forward to at Spoons bistro & bakery. “I especially enjoy developing the dinner-time weekly specials because they change week to week and that allows me to get really creative,” said Marez. One of his recent medleys was pan fried walleye in seasoned flour served with Palisade peach and apple chutney and Klondike potato bites stuffed with sour cream.

“One of the biggest reasons we chose Martin as our new Executive Chef is because of the ingenuity he has with developing new dishes in house from fresh ingredients and putting a Spoons spin on it!” said Brenda Witzke, General Manager at Spoons bistro & bakery.

Not only is Marez glad to be at Spoons bistro & bakery, he is thrilled that the proceeds from the restaurant support HopeWest,  a non-profit hospice, palliative care and grief support organization dedicated to profoundly change the way the community experiences serious illness and grief – one family at a time.

For more information about Spoons Bistro & Bakery visit: www.SpoonsBistroandBakery.com or call 255-7237.