A team of HopeWest Grand Junction nurses recently attended a collage art class together. The class was held at the Ferris Care Center.

Studies show the arts can play an extraordinary role in building the resilience of professional caregivers. Our team of nurses, chaplains, physicians, nursing assistants and social workers have all come through one of the most trying periods of their career.

Throughout 2021, HopeWest offered various creative outlets to support our staff. We have had painting and collage classes. We have had drumming ceremonies. One of our latest offerings was a poetry class and a poetry contest for staff.

The poems featured below are the winners from our Delta, Grand Junction, and Montrose offices, and truly are tributes to our compassionate staff.


by Holly, Grand Junction PACE RN

It’s a piece of your soul that we give to others to hold,
It provides the piece that is missing,
It gives comfort for the pain and hurt that are buried deep,
It provides a soothing balm to the spirit that feels broken and incomplete,
It is unconditional love that does not judge or expect anything in return,
It is wiping away the tears that flow through the cracks and imperfections,
It is safe passage from all the regrets and transgressions,
It is the support that was thought to not exist,
It is giving the spirit the nourishment it truly needs,
It is erasing doubt with kindness, patience, gentleness, and love,
Generosity is the spirit of love.


by Annette, Delta County Chaplain

What if it all flows out…

This little tune I’m singing
Bursts from the throats of birds
All around me

My quick smile
Glows back from all the
Faces I see

My small hand
Reaching out to yours
Is matched by hands
Reaching other hands
Further than I can see

The ripples are growing
Flowing outward…
Colors bursting out
Across fields of blooms

Hearts touching
In every direction…
Everything connected,
Flowing back and out again
In waves of love

Our Part

by Annie, Montrose Chaplain

As the sun shines on the San Juan mountains,
and the full moon illumines the Black Canyon,
a team of caregivers go around with abundant compassion—
no matter time or day,
love and healing find a way.
Serving our community with a unique, empathic touch.
Offering understanding people need so much.
Our community holds us in a spirit of generosity,
supporting and embracing us as it’s our philosophy.
Remembering our humanity as we walk alongside others,
instills compassion for self.
Time for pause in our practice,
helps guides the journey.
Kindness and love all the caregivers show—
offering light in dark days to come,
holding your hand,
until your time on this earth is finished and done.
We carry your legacy in our hearts,
shining your light on as we do our part.