HopeWest Featured in the Montrose Daily Press

Story by Katharhynn Heidelberg

Kathy King admits to be nervous. The longtime hairdresser had maintained her license, but by the time she’d volunteered to lend her skills in benefit of HopeWest Hospice patients, it’d been a while since she’d touched scissors to the hair of strangers.

“I started out with fear and trembling,” she recounted. After reassurance from HopeWest Volunteer Coordinator Angie Cooling, King said she “just went for it.”

Now, she wouldn’t change it. King is among several stylists who volunteer to cut hospice patients’ hair — just a way, they said, of giving back by making others feel good.

Al Grant of Montrose has been on the receiving end of King’s clippers for a bit now. “I am delighted to have (her) or anyone else who knows how to do it to come here. I don’t have to hook up. The oxygen to drive somewhere to a barber shop,” he said.

“With HopeWest, I have no problem whatsoever. I think they’re great. They’re dependable. When they say they’re going to come, unless something really goes wrong, they’re right here to help me out,” Grant added.

“I am delighted to have (her) or anyone else who knows how to do it to come here.”

Al Grant, Haircut Recipient

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