“Just because my patients are in hospice doesn’t mean they can’t go outside or do things they enjoy,” said Heidi, HopeWest Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA). “The way I see it, I’m lucky enough to be part of this next chapter or another adventure in my patients lives and their time is really important to me.”

Janna Beth, HopeWest hospice patient, has always been social and active, but her declining health requires her to use a wheelchair, making it much more difficult for her to do the activities she enjoys. When she is out of the facility where she resides, there is a possibility she needs assistance, so it is best to have a CNA with her

“I believe that the end of life is as important as the beginning and it’s my mission to make every day count,” said Heidi.

As a CNA at HopeWest, Heidi feels that her role is to meet the physical needs of her patients as well as the emotional well-being and end of life wishes. Heidi remembered a conversation she had with Janna Beth when Heidi learned Janna had never been to the local museum.

“So, I said let’s do it!” said Heidi.

Heidi organized the trip to the Museum of Western Colorado where the two perused the exhibits and soaked in the views overlooking downtown Grand Junction.

“It’s hard for me to explain the joy it brings me—seeing my patients smile,” said Heidi. “This is why I love hospice. I feel like I make a difference and don’t feel like just another face. I’m so grateful for the patients and families who let me in and build trust.”

Heidi’s commitment to her patients makes a difference for the patients and families she serves, and her colleagues.

“Heidi, does much more than showering and personal care,” said Barb, HopeWest Social Worker. “She truly develops a relationship with each one of our patients, taking the time to learn what they love, what they miss and what they would put on their ‘bucket list.’  She comes into team meetings with enthusiasm and ideas, and she is always willing to play a role and take the lead in implementing those goals.”

Thank you, Heidi, for your commitment to our patients and putting the mission of HopeWest in action.