A Loving Tribute

Elizabeth Anne Olsen

August 29, 1932 – November 20, 2020
Written by Kenneth D. Olsen


Our very dear mother, Elizabeth Anne Olsen, now peacefully gone away from us, and in the hands of God- is now at rest from a long and love-filled life. She was our hero, our guiding light, the mom who not only created us, but cheered us on and made us who we are. Her gracious never-ending love was so appreciated all through the years. She was our provider, providing us with hope and encouragement, to be our individual selves, giving us her time unselfishly. She provided us with her unconditional love.

She was our dad’s best friend, and cowgirl, who worked alongside of him through the tough and good times and made a truly warm home for him and all of us. They encouraged each other and together, they became one force that passionately made this life of theirs work. They raised a large, beautiful family of 6 kindhearted boys and one sincere, delightful and loving daughter. She was a beloved grandmother, I know that the kids have always respected her greatly, and they saw the love that she conveyed. They also saw that she was a hard working woman with a passion for the farm and her gardening. They saw that she was a sincere and loving grandmother, memories that they will have the rest of their lives while they continue with their journey in life. Brandy, Michael, Matt and Ben will miss their precious and loving ‘Grandma O’!

She was an endearing Great Grandmother also, especially to Emily, Haley and Ethan who are old enough to know her. I know that the younger ones, Callie, Eli, Felix and Eloisa will still get to know their loving great grandmother through the many stories and photos that will be shared with them.

Ultimately, she was our mother and friend, always there for us, to console with or especially, just to talk with. We loved those times with her.

A modified poem, from Pinterest:

Our mother kept a Glorious Garden, a Garden of the heart, she planted all the good seeds that gave our lives their start.

She turned us on to the sunshine and encouraged us to dream, fostering and nurturing the various seeds of love and self-esteem.

Her constant good example always taught us right from wrong, like garden row-markers for our many journeys that will last us all lifetime long.

We are our Mother’s Garden. We are her lifetimes’ beautiful legacy, and we hope she can forever feel our love reflected back from us for eternity. –Your Loving Son, Ken

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