Moments where we look into someone’s eyes or hold their hand over meaningful conversation are where we can often find clarity, peace, and possibly even a newfound sense of purpose. In these moments of genuine connection we learn what empathy and compassion truly mean, and extraordinary transformations take root – whether we realize them, or not.

You’ll hear from team members at HopeWest that these profound moments unfold through our mission each day. A combination of creativity, volunteerism, and philanthropy are the foundations of our life-changing programs and services. Anne Kellerby, a branch manager at Alpine Bank, is a dedicated HopeWest patient care volunteer that supports patients in a unique way. She celebrates and honors hospice and palliative care patients on their birthdays – a time that can often be overlooked when someone is experiencing serious illness.

“Each delivery has been very touching. Celebrating them and seeing the smiles on their faces is heartwarming,” Anne shares when asked about her experiences with the special birthday deliveries she’s been a part of. For the patients she visits, the simple act of receiving a birthday delivery can be a moment of connection and love, a reminder that each person is cherished and special.

As a volunteer, Anne’s involvement with HopeWest is mutually rewarding thanks to the time she gives to connect and celebrate with patients. “I am truly enriched by seeing the smiles on their faces, hearing such wonderful stories, and learning a little about them,” she says with a heart full of gratitude. Through her service, she has found fulfillment in creating moments of joy for others, and in return, she has been gifted with the beauty of shared stories and the wisdom of lives well-lived.

Anne’s motivation for starting the birthday deliveries began when she met Ashley Reinke, HopeWest Plateau Valley CNA, Volunteer Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant. “I thought this would be a wonderful partnership with Alpine Bank and HopeWest,” shares Anne. Her collaboration with HopeWest showcases how organizations and individuals, driven by shared values, can join hands to create ripples of positivity and change within their communities.

Volunteers come from all walks of life. They are people who care about their community and want to make a difference. For those considering volunteering, Anne says “I love volunteering, and it is good for the soul.”

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“I am truly enriched by seeing the smiles on their faces, hearing such wonderful stories, and learning a little about them.”

– Anne Kellerby, HopeWest Volunteer