Sonya’s story is a special one, where volunteering at Heirlooms for Hospice has allowed her to honor the legacy of her mother, Faith.

It all began when Sonya’s father was in hospice care with HopeWest. After his passing, Sonya’s mother decided to volunteer at Heirlooms, discovering a newfound sense of purpose and belonging. “My mom loved volunteering at Heirlooms,” Sonya shares. “It got her out of the house and made her very independent and social. She loved her Tuesdays when she would volunteer with her new friends.”

When Sonya’s mother became ill, it was unexpected and left Faith missing her Tuesday shift at the store. Her passing on January 24, 2022, was felt deeply by the Heirlooms team. Her friends left the chair open where Faith often sat during breaktime, and they marked the exact date of her passing on their calendars in honor and remembrance.

When Sonya decided to continue her mother’s volunteer work at Heirlooms, she chose to start exactly a year later on January 24th, the anniversary of her mother’s passing. Faith’s friends, with their calendars marked, knew exactly why the date had been chosen. They welcomed her with open arms, and Sonya shares, “I thought it would be weepy, but it wasn’t. It was a great day.”

“One day I went to take a break, and without knowing it, sat in the same chair that my mother had used on her breaks,” explains Sonya. “Bri, the Heirlooms store manager, told me that they had purposefully left her chair empty for a long time, but it was also the one I was drawn to sit in. So now when I take my break, I try to sit in the same chair as my mom did. It brings me a sense of connection with her, and I feel her presence.”

Every Tuesday, Sonya finds comfort in the company of those who knew and loved her mother well. She plans to continue her mother’s legacy of volunteering at Heirlooms, for many years to come.

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Heirlooms volunteer Sonya and her mother Faith.

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