“I’ve been a nurse for 28 years. I’ve treated the dying and their families as well as notified many families of their loved one’s death. I even lost loved ones in my own family, but when my husband of 30 years died I crumbled. Everything was more difficult without my husband. The first time I went to a restaurant by myself was hard. I left crying before I even got a menu because everyone else was there with someone.”

My HopeWest counselor, Catherine, invited me to attend a HopeWest support group. Eventually, as time passed, I did go to support groups and was I ever surprised!

I grew very slowly, a little each week, until one day I realized I was living my new life. I absolutely wouldn’t be sitting here today if it wasn’t for the help that Catherine and HopeWest gave me. I will never forget this gift. I feel stronger than I ever have.”

HopeWest Grief Support Participant