Paul began as a chaplain for HopeWest in 1994 and through his experience he has witnessed the tremendous benefit this program brings to patients and ‘families facing crisis. Working alongside a care team of nurses, social workers, physicians, volunteers and CNAs, he is called to address spiritual needs.

“As patients near the end of life, they frequently feel the need to resolve what we call ‘moral injury’,” said Paul. “This is a response to something the person has done in their life which is a violation to their core beliefs. As a chaplain, it’s my responsibility to accompany them as they work through regrets and help them find peace about something in the past they cannot change.”

HopeWest chaplains are not affiliated with any religion, but rather provide connection and spiritual guidance which Paul describes as a “supplement to personal beliefs.” In addition to supporting patients and families, HopeWest chaplains also coordinate with patients’ religious leaders.