Video Resource Library

Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families

Videos include ten key topics that hospice caregivers and families need to know when caring for a loved one.

Entrenamiento Paliativo para Cuidadores y Familias

Los cuidadores y la familia aprenden formas de reconocer, comprender y atender las necesidades de su ser querido.

Family Support Through Serious Illness

Video topics include:

  • Timely Moments: “How long until?” “What, now?” “What matters most?”
  • Small Words – Big Meanings
  • Relationships with Family and Friends
  • Coping
  • Child & Teen Needs
  • Portraits of Grief

Understanding Your Grief

Video topics include:

  • COVID’s Grief: What’s Your Story?
  • What is Grief?
  • Hope for Coping
  • Care for Your Whole Self
  • Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
  • Being In and Moving Through Mourning
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