Estate Planning Seminar

For Planned Giving Professionals

Presented by HopeWest in collaboration with
Western Colorado Community Foundation,
Colorado West Estate Planning Council,
Colorado Mesa University Foundation

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October 5, 2022
Colorado Mesa University, Meyer Ballroom
CE Credits Available

Daniel Smith, Cannon Financial Institute


Forms of Property Ownership in Estate Planning and Settlement

How property is titled is integral to the proper functioning of a well-designed estate plan. Improper coordination of property ownership and estate planning documents often leads to unexpected consequences. In this session, we will review every form of property ownership and its meaning and function in the plan with a few special tips in creative planning using forms of ownership.
• Forms of property ownership
• State law variations
• What documents pass the property and unintended omission?
• Common errors and lack of coordination

Powers of Appointment: Six Rules to Encode or Decode Every Trust

Powers of Appointment are the secret ingredient to the major advantages of irrevocable trusts and the formula that makes them work, yet the code does not do a good job of quantifying them, so we will do it for them. This knowledge is the basis of discretionary distribution decision-making and makes it easier to decode documents or design them in the first place, but also to communicate the advantages to the client and beneficiaries. Topics include:
• Document Language
• Powers of Appointment
• Documentation
• Common Law

Split Interest Trusts

Split interests exist in many types of trusts as a result of a set of rules in the internal revenue code. Understanding this pattern can simplify planning and allow you to learn faster and relate client objectives with tax advantageous sophisticated estate planning techniques including charitable remainder, charitable lead, and grantor retained trust types. Session includes:
• What is a split-interest and why do we care?
• Types of Income interests
• Nature of the remainder interest
• Tax consequences and investment strategies

Coordinating IRAs and Retirement Plans with Estate Plans

This program explores the common problem of having an IRA or other retirement plan as a significant asset of the client’s net worth and how to deal with the situation both during life and at death. The requirements, options, taxation, and penalties. The best decisions are made in light of all of the options known. Help clients think through this complex area with some simple conversation models. Topics include:
• IRA rollover and when not to do it
• NUA a huge tax saver for the right client
• Getting money out cheaper
• The life and death distribution rules

Panel Discussion: I said YES, now what? What it means to serve on a Non-Profit Board


  • Barbara Butler, Dufford Waldeck
  • Debbie Horwitz, Sr. VP, Chief Development Officer, HopeWest
  • Kellianne Chamberlain, Hoskin Farina & Kampf
  • Kristen Lynch, Director of Development, Western Colorado Community Foundation

Business Succession Planning Decisions

In this session, we will explore tools and techniques for succession planning of a closely held business including your own. We will discuss key points for the conversation including to whom they want to transition the business and when, and what opportunities arise as potential solutions as a result. Also discussed will be the emotional as well as the factual issues involved with transition planning.
• Business succession conversation models
• Key tax issues facing business owners
• Key management decisions facing owners
• Emotional issues for owners

Questions? Call Debbie at (970) 257-2365.


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