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Nancy Hoganson
Director of
Community Relations

We are indebted to the many residents of Montrose and Ouray Counties who have so generously given of their time, talent and wisdom to serve so many in need.

As we look forward to our exciting future, I know they will continue to sustain this important mission of serving those in our communities who need our help and support.


Phoebe Benziger
Campaign Co-Chair

Through my work in the healthcare field I realize that HopeWest meets a critical need our community and is truly a blessing. My family has supported Hospice and will continue as they strive to meet the growing needs of Montrose.



The Robinson Center for Hope:

With the help of many, the dream of a Home for "Hope" can be realized!

A Place Where Community & Compassion will Unite
HopeWest is thrilled to announce the Robinson Center for Hope is closer to being a reality, just across the street from the hospital. The Center will further our steadfast mission of profoundly changing the way our community experiences serious illness and grief - one family at a time.

Our Hope - A Place for Clinicians to Call Home
Each year nearly 300 patient and family members are served by HopeWest across Montrose and Ouray counties.  A team of 35 staff including nurses, social workers, chaplains, doctors, certified nursing assistants and counselors provide hospice care at home, in nursing homes, assisted living residences and the hospital. They need a permanent home. 

HopeWest Kids serves more than 100 grieving children and teens a year throughout our community and we can't wait for them to have a place of their own.

HopeWest extends its bereavement counseling and support to ANY adult in our community suffering the loss of a loved one. The Robinson Center for Hope will house a warm and inviting environment for individual and family counseling, and support groups.

Our Need - Your Help to Make it Real
We have reached our goal! A dedicated group of community leaders and volunteers have come together and raised more than $3 million toward this dream. All gifts make a difference - donate today!

 We are here for you when...
Each of us will face serious illness and grief sometime during our lifetime. We just can't escape it. What we can do is make those times the very best they can be for each other.

This building will make it possible for HopeWest to meet the important needs of each one of our families and loved ones when they need it - here in Montrose, where they need it.

With your help, there will be a place that...

  • Provides sufficient space for the number of expert nurses, doctors, social workers and chaplains who will be ready to serve us.
  • Assures we have room to train the growing numbers of volunteers needed to support all of us in need.
  • Surrounds our grieving parents - and us - in warmth and comfort as we attend support groups and counseling sessions that will help us again find our way after a loss.
  • Will welcome our children with loving arms and spaces when they need comfort and support the most.

Together we can make this happen. We can make sure that HopeWest will always be here when we need it.

Our services in Montrose & Ouray Counties have changed the lives of thousands.

More than 2,000 families have turned to HopeWest in Montrose for support in meeting the challenges faced during a serious illness and time of grief.

The Montrose community has significantly invested in the program's development.

Over the years, more than 600 volunteers and nearly 10,500 donors have created an organization that assures expert care and compassionate healing are there when needed the most by family, friends and neighbors.

Our Where Hope Begins campaign is designed to build on our successes and forge our future of sustained caring.

Campaign Goal: $3 Million

Creative Space for Innovation Programs

The Center will offer new services like art, music, healing touch and other integrative therapies, creatively designed to meet the needs of adults in our community.

Our kids in Montrose and Ouray Counties are served in a variety of locations that are poorly prepared to support the number of participants and program goals.

The new Robinson Center for Hope will provide creative space for the development of programs reaching out to grieving children throughout the community.

These programs are made possible by our generous volunteers. Volunteers are truly the heart of HopeWest. The Robinson Center for Hope will provide a training room and work space for their helping hands.

The Robinson Center for Hope will be located at 735 South 4th Street: