Through creativity, volunteerism, and philanthropy, we profoundly change the experiences of aging, illness, and grief – one family at a time.



Our transformational integrated healthcare and social programs will enable every family in our communities facing the issues of aging, illness and grief to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.


Honor & Respect

We respect the dignity and worth of each person we work with and to whom we provide care and freely express our appreciation.

Openness & Curiosity

We find innovative ways to meet the needs of those facing serious illness or grief through an attitude of openness and curiosity and a commitment to constantly improve.

Personal Accountability

We maintain organizational and financial integrity through each person’s actions and accountability.

Enjoyment & Appreciation

We share our energy, laughter, generosity, compassion and inner strength and also appreciate each other and the gifts that have been shared.


We “seek first to understand” and assume best intent from each other. We provide opportunities for teaching and learning throughout the organization and the community.


Each person offers an understanding presence to those we work with and to whom we provide care.

Spirit of Volunteerism & Service

Each person offers a willingness to volunteer time and talent to preserve the culture of generosity of HopeWest and the commitment of service to others.

Teamwork with Trust

We foster trusting relationships with those we work with and serve, knowing only together can we accomplish the wholeness of caring for others.