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You may know someone who is very sick and who needs help, but you just aren’t sure where to turn. It may be time to think about hospice. First, call us. We promise to help in any way we can. With a patient’s permission, HopeWest will work directly with the patient’s physician to determine which type of care is most appropriate.

Hospice eligible patients often experience:

  • Increased visits to doctor, hospital or emergency room
  • Difficulties dressing or bathing
  • Treatment side effects with little or no health improvement
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Depression or withdrawal from loved ones

Why now?

  •  Hospice can lower costs and increase care.
  • Hospice is a Medicare/Medicaid inclusive benefit that provides for more care at little or no cost to the patient who is eligible.
  • If the patient is not eligible for hospice care, we can provide guidance, support and help with symptoms through our Palliative Care Program.