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At Home

We know most people prefer to be at home. HopeWest stands ready to help patients be comfortable and well-cared for at home. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Designing a plan with the patient and family in how other professionals and volunteers can be helpful and scheduling those people.
  • Making sure the patient has the medical equipment & supplies they need on a regular basis.
  • Working with a pharmacy that will deliver routine medications to the home and providing an emergency kit that can be kept in the home for emergent symptom situations.
  • Coordinating care with your primary doctor.
  • Doctors making house calls.
  • Making routine, scheduled visits by a registered nurse assigned to coordinate the patient’s care.
  • An RN available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who will respond in person when needed to ensure the patient is comfortable.
  • Certified nursing assistants who can assist with bathing and personal care of the patient.
  • Helping you handle medical bills and working with you to ensure your financial resources are being fully utilized.
  • Providing volunteers for social support, transportation and other needs.
  • Offering an non-denominational chaplain to visit at home.

In an Assisted Living Residence (ALR)

Hospice care in an assisted living residence is much the same as at home. In addition to the above services, the team coordinates carefully and frequently with the ALR staff to ensure continuity of care is provided to the patient.

The decision to include hospice in the patient’s care in that facility will provide additional resources to the patient and family.

In a Nursing Home

Our role is not to take the place of the professional staff at the nursing home. We supplement care, and coordinate care between doctors, the nursing home staff, the patient, family and others.

Our nurses and physicians see that every measure of comfort is provided to the patient and they communicate regularly with the primary physician. Social workers and chaplains support the patient and the family. Hospice certified nursing assistants provide regular, additional personal care to the patient.

We believe that one of the most important team members in the nursing home setting is the hospice volunteer. They are specially trained to work with our patients to provide support and quality of life.

In a Hospital

We provide care to patients in the hospital, which can be the most appropriate setting to provide the level of tests, interventions and nursing care needed to keep a patient comfortable. The hospice team visits the patient daily in the hospital and assures continuity of care from hospital to home, assisted living residence or nursing home, while supporting the family.

In the HopeWest Hospice Care Center

Built in 2008, the Hospice Care Center is simply extraordinary. Its warm design brings comfort to all who enter and its popular bistro, Spoons, is available for not only patients, but families and the community. You can enjoy an espresso and gift shopping at Artful Cup located on the campus in the restored 1887 Miller Homestead.

Patients receive individualized and specialized short term care in the Hospice Care Center when they have symptoms that are difficult to manage at home.

The Hospice Care Center is designed to meet the needs of hospice patients and their families during times when a more intensive level of care is needed – a level that is difficult to provide in the home. Our building and the grounds are designed for comfort and caring and have been made possible through the generosity of our friends and neighbors in the community.