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We’re here for the entire family.

When illness or tragedy affects a loved one, children often need help finding ways to cope with the impact. HopeWest Kids is our program for grieving children and teens. Experienced counselors also help parents learn the best way to help their children as a loved one is seriously ill or dying.



It is never easy to talk to children and teens about a serious illness in the family, particularly if that illness is likely to end in the death of a loved one. However, young people are perceptive and sense when they feel they are being excluded from family events.

How to Talk About Serious Illness

About Children & Teen Grief

At Time Of Diagnosis

If the Disease Becomes Life Threatening

When Death Occurs

Children & Funerals

 “I would tell another kid: You should go, it will help and I have proof because it helped me.”
  – Camp Good Grief Participant

HopeWest Kids Camps and Support Groups

Connections for Teens: Grief Newsletter

Teen’s Recommended Reading

Children’s Recommended Reading

Funded through donations, HopeWest Kids focuses on children and families in our community regardless of whether or not they have had a family member served by HopeWest.

Kids who get support:
  • know the importance of family and aspects of life to be cherished.
  • have a greater awareness of pain and suffering in others; increased empathy.
  • tend to mature faster.
  • sense a new connection with the loved one who died.
  • search for meaning in life or deeper faith.
  • have a broader, more developed perspective on life.
  • develop successful coping skills to get through many types of losses.
  • are often the best example for other kids who are hurting or feeling hopeless.