HopeWest is continuing to provide compassionate hospice care amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the country.  We have made all the necessary adaptations of programs and care delivery protocols to assure safe practice for all staff and all patients.
Right now, more than ever we want people to know we are “open” and can respond quickly to assist patients with enrolling in hospice care.
Often people wait to “see their doctor” to get a referral to hospice.  Right now, people are not going to the doctor and many are adhering to the “Safer at Home” advice.  We want people to know we can come to them.  All they need to do is call, 970-241-2212.
Our “access team” is prepared to respond to any call for information regarding hospice care.  They can make a visit to the home of the patient and assess whether hospice or one of HopeWest’s other programs can be of assistance.  If they feel hospice is the best course, they will reach out to the person’s health care provider for a formal referral.
The Ferris Hospice Care Center in Grand Junction continues to provide care when it is difficult to care for a hospice patient at home, or a patient needs symptom management and wants to avoid hospitalization.  All safety protocols are in place and the staff are outfitted with personal protective equipment.  All visitors, staff and vendors are screened prior to entry, according to current guidelines.
HopeWest is still responding to patient/family needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The team of nurses, physicians, counselors, social workers, certified nursing assistants are still delivering care.  Some care is being provided “virtually” and telephonically such as the patient care volunteer visits.  Patients and families are all called prior to visiting to check for any symptoms the staff need to prepare for.
Grief support services are still being provided through one on one counseling by phone or virtually.  Support groups and face to face counseling are on hold for now but may be resuming soon with specific precautions in place as the Western Slope opens.