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When Dinosaurs Die

Age Group & Subject: Primary age group – good for preschoolers. Covers the death process, customs, after life and memorials.

by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
When Dinosaurs Die is a straight forward approach to children’s fears and curiosity about death. It is an excellent resource for children and their families – a primary grade must have!


Age Group & Subject: Young readers. Covers the life and death cycle.

by Bryan Mellonie & Robert Ingpen
Publisher: Bantam Books
Lifetimes helps explain life and death in a sensitive, caring way. It tells about beginnings, endings, and about living in-between.

Someone I Love Died by Suicide

Age Group & Subject:  Older elementary – adult. Covers suicide, feelings and memorials.

by Doreen Cammarata
Publisher: Grief Guidance, Inc.
A beautifully written book that is concise, clear and an honest look at the effects of suicide on children. Children and adults will find this an invaluable tool in helping cope with a suicide.

Winter’s Gift

Age Group & Subject:  Children and adults. Covers grief and hope.

by Jane Monroe Donovan
Publisher: Sleeping Bear press
With beautiful illustrations, A Winter’s Gift is a delightful story of hope in the cold season of grief.

The Sunsets of Miss Olivia Wiggins

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers Alzheirmer’s, Dementia and relationships.

by Lester L. Laminack
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, LTD
A book about a boy who comes with his grandmother to visit his great grandmother in a nursing home. She does not recognize him or his grandmother but lives in her own memories. It is a good book about the bond between generations and for those children who have those in their lives that are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Hurt

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers expressing our feelings and our hurt.

by Teddi Doleski
Publisher: Paulist Press
The Hurt is a classic book that speaks about how we allow hurts to grow until they take over our lives. Finally in sharing his hurts with his father, Justin’s hurt which became too big for his room, began to shrink.

Losing Uncle Tim

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers AIDS, death, feelings and hope.

by Mary Kate Jordan
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
A special relationship with a young boy and his uncle create a backdrop of love and respect. When the boy finds out that his uncle has AIDS he is devastated and scared. His uncle not only leaves him special articles from their time together, but leaves him hope that his spirit lives on.

After Charlotte’s Mom Died

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers grief, emotions, grief counseling, and death of a parent.

by Cornelia Spelman
Publisher: Albert Whitman
A great story about all the feelings you have when a parent dies and what happens when you don’t share them with someone. Charlotte and her dad learn how important it is to share their feelings as they create a family without Charlotte’s mom.

It Must Hurt A Lot

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers grief, emotions, hope and pet loss.

by Doris Sanford
Publisher: Multonomah Press
When Joshua’s dog and best friend Muffin is hit by a car and killed, he learns some very important secrets. Losing someone he loved taught him about love, loss and helping others.

The Spirit of Tio Fernando

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers rituals, culture and memorials.

by Janice Levy
Publisher: Albert Whitman
The rich tradition of Day of the Dead is brought to life when a young boy, Nando, prepares and participates in the ceremony for his uncle Fernando.

The Fall of Freddy the Leaf

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers life and death cycle.

by Norma Simon
Publisher: Charles B. Slack
Freddy the Leaf explains the life-death cycle in a simple organic way. Easy to read with a clear message.

The Saddest Time

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers grief, different losses, memorials, memories, funerals, and healing through helping.

by Norma Simon
Publisher: Unknown
Three stories in one – this book covers the death of a young uncle, a grade school boy and a grandmother. It addresses helping others in your grief, memorials, funerals and new beginnings.

Anna’s Corn

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers emotions memories and relationships.

by Barbara Santucci
Publisher: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Anna’s Corn is a sweet story of a young girl who spends time with her grandfather in their corn fields. When he dies, Anna has a hard time until her mother convinces her to plant the seed of corn her grandfather gave her before he died.

Where is Grandpa?

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers grief, memories, and hope.

by T.A. Barron
Publisher: Philomel Books
As a young boy wonders where his grandpa has gone and questions his family, he discovers that grandpa is in all those special places that they shared time together. Beautifully illustrated, simple and with an eternal message.

The Next Place

Age Group & Subject: All ages. Covers afterlife and hope.

by Warren Hanson
Publisher: Waldman House Press, Inc.
The Next Place is an inspirational journey of awe and wonder to a place where earthly hurts are left behind and where there are no barriers. This celebration of life is a must for adults and older children.

Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories

By Audrey Penn

When a young raccoon learns of the accidental death of his classmate, Chester’s mother comforts him by suggesting that they go to his friend’s favorite place in the forest and make a “memory of Skiddil Squirrel.”

Everything for a Dog

By Ann Martin

Life is not easy for Bone, a stray dog looking for a home. But along come two boys, Henry and Charlie, who each have their own stories to tell; one is searching for something he wants desperately and the other is grieving the recent loss of his brother.