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When Death Is Near


Each person is unique and it is hard to predict exactly what may be encountered as our loved ones approach the end of life. Often, there are physical, mental and spiritual signs that death is near. On the physical level, the body literally begins to shut down. These changes are normal and to be expected. They are not considered a medical emergency at this time of life. Your HopeWest team can provide additional information about what to expect.


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After Death

This resource was designed to provide you with several tools and information on the next steps most often involved in the experience of losing a loved one. It will provide an overview of the grieving process and give information on our grief services.

Grief Support

When a loved one dies, families continue to need long-term care and support. Grief’s Journey is a 12-issue newsletter that combines general information about loss and grief with proven tips and coping strategies. We hope you will find this information helpful throughout your grieving process.