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Through the Eyes of an Adventurous Trio
(Insights into HopeWest’s second trip to Tanzania in 2015)

A trio of employees from HopeWest embarked on a journey like no other, visiting HopeWest’s sister hospice, Ilembula Hospital Palliative Care, in Tanzania, Africa.

They made it! If you have ever traveled to Africa, you will understand that is an accomplishment in itself. After several exciting days of travel – Beth Brown, Adrianne Wagner and Alyssa Hampson arrived in llembula. They spent the next week volunteering at a regional hospital, learning to live without running water or electricity, comforting young children and understanding how medicine is practiced in a rural village with very few resources. What became clear very quickly is how simple kindness makes the biggest difference in the lives of Tanzanians.

The travelers’ uncharted days were filled with intriguing experiences, with many things to see, do and learn in a very short amount of time.

“There are several significant experiences that stand out in my mind,” said Alyssa. “It was incredible meeting patients whose lives had been drastically changed because of the palliative care team, volunteering to spend time with the orphans at the hospital orphanage and facilitating grief activities for children at the hospital. It was wonderful to see the many different ways Ilembula Palliative Care helps the community.”

These remarkable experiences won’t soon be forgotten Alyssa, Beth and Adrianne admit. They were grateful to have the opportunity to travel to Africa, volunteer and be ambassadors for the HopeWest Africa Partnership.

The partnership HopeWest has with Ilembula is an important step in enhancing compassionate care globally with a vision of a world where individuals and families facing serious illness, death, and grief will experience the best that humankind can offer. This partnership began in 2008 and HopeWest tries to visit every other year with a representative from Tanzania visiting the US in-between visits.