Our Montrose office was surprised recently by jeff brown, the spouse of a former patient. He not only donated this incredible handmade plaque, but created it! He even wrote the inscription.

Jeff’s beautiful words and unique gift, made from Alligator Juniper from a New Mexico burn site, will forever be cherished by our staff. Thank you!

The inscription reads:
This I would like to say to you dearest Care Giver. You, who’s Heart is given when times get tough. Words will fall short. I’m certain of this. So read between the lines, as the Spirit guides and you see fit. Your Voice, first of all, brings safety and space. Your Ears, God’s ears, so wonderfully placed on both sides of your face, seem to welcome my pain, help me embrace the agony and unclutter my brain. The hand of God is surely upon you there is no doubt. The care and compassion that flows through you is the most tangible force. The Healing Balm of Gilead applied at each call, soaks my broken Spirit.